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About Us

Java Fu (2005)

Java-Fu takes your programming to a new level, by spending less time on the syntax and tools of programming, and concentrating instead on how we put programs together. It uses for this the paradigm of component-based programming, and builds on this until you are developing fully component based applications that can run remotely across the internet. Hi-ya!


Java-Fu is a level three, advanced textbook. You are expected to be familiar with all of the material in the previous two levels of Java books available on the web-site.

Tools Required

  • TBC
  • TBC
Teaching Material


  1. Javafu01 - Component-Based Programming
  2. Javafu01 - Javabeans Revisited
  3. Javafu01 - Case Study 1 - Tip O' The Day Bean
  4. Javafu01 - Component Architecture
  5. Javafu01 - Programming with Interfaces
  6. Javafu01 - Case Study 2 - A Polymorphic Genetic Algorithm
  7. Javafu01 - XML and You
  8. Javafu01 - XML and DOM Parsing
  9. Javafu01 - Case Study 3 - Really Simple Syndication
  10. Javafu01 - Design Patterns
  11. Javafu01 - Washing Your Mouth Out With SOAP
  12. Javafu01 - Case Study 4 - SOAP Client
  13. Javafu01 - Java Servlets
  14. Javafu01 - Web Services
  15. Javafu01 - Case Study 5 - Multi-Platform Chat Client